Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Arthur's Pass Camp 2018

Last week Mamaku 2 went on the Arthurs Pass Camp. Here are some of the highs and lows of this experience.

My favourite camp activity was the devils punch bowl walk. It is a 330 step walk up to the waterfall. It is very challenging. If you want to try this walk head down to Arthurs pass on the way to chch but the site was amazing.

The funniest part was when Mrs P, Jolan and Miss Lagan had a wake up dance show in the morning it was so funny and it definitely woke us up.

My most memorable moment was sharing this camp experience with my dad and doing the scavenger hunts with him too. We almost won by ten seconds and my dad had to carry Kyah on his back for 1km.

My most challenging moment was the scavenger hunt. All we were given was a map, with clues and numbers each word we had to find, was a number. In the end we got all of the numbers but the boys still bet us.

This camp was so fun and so cold I would come back any day.  Here are some Photos from camp.

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