Friday, 5 May 2017

Reflections week 1 term 2 2017

My first week back at school for term 2 2017. This week has been a very busy week, we had maths tests and spelling test and for some year 5 you get to take your Chromebook home, for maths we made a slide about all the maths we did with Miss Gibbens in the three weeks she was here. I am very proud that I remembered the maths we did in the weeks. Maybe next time I could add more description to my work.I used google slide to make this.

This is my chapter chat activity for the week, we had to interview our favourite teacher and write 5 Questions to ask them I wrote down the questions but I did not have enough time to interview this teacher . The purpose off this was to find out stuff about our favourite teacher. I am proud of the way it took me only 5 minutes to finish this activity and I used good Questions. I think this was a fun activity to do you should try and do this to your favourite teacher :-) 

This is my typing skills for the week......
The propose of this activity was to teach kids on Chromebooks how to use the keys properly and faster.  I am proud that I got all the letters right Maybe next time  I could be a wee bit faster. 
I think this was a cool game, I think you should try it.

I cant wait to do this all next week :-) :-) :-)

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