Friday, 7 April 2017

reflections term 1 week 10 2017

Here is my writing for the week
The purpose off this was we had to add crazy things in our free writing
I am proud of the way I did this in only in 15 mins
Maybe next time I could add some more description

The baby dragon

Once upon a time there lived a little baby dragon he was bright pink and green and  one day when he was 5 years old he would go and learn how to fly, breathe fire, and do maths at school but on his first day he was bullied by all olden dragons. His dad was a dragon police officer so the little dragon told his dad that they have been bullying him and told them to put “their hands up or they will go to jail” and the next day all the old dragons got VERY VERY angry at poor little dragon and they tried to KILL him with their fire little dragon did not want to go to school the next day but his mum said  nice and calmly “you will find some friends some day” and in class that day he seen the most beautiful girl dragon he has ever seen they played all day they had play dates they were friends forever THE END

Here is my typing skills and typing games
The purpose off this was so we can learn all the keys on our Chromebook 
I am proud of the way I got all the keys right 
Maybe next time I could  finish it a wee bit faster 

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